2 First Multistoreyed Lube in Kolata with Prestressed Concrete Slabs coming up in City


2 World Bank Funded Mizoram State Road project worth over Rs. 160 crores


2 Speciality Chemicals Transport Terminal at Pandu, Guwahati

Macogel is the brand name for a range of cable filling and flooding compounds manufactured by Makesworth Industries Ltd. It is perhaps the only brand that provides a complete range of cable filling and flooding, water blocking gels.

Since our inception in 1997 we have built our Company's reputation on our customer relations great quality products and our constant strive to create newer and better products for industrial purposes. Our corporate values can be described in three words-people, technology and the future. our philosophy of devoting our human resources and technology to the development of others is deeply installed in all that we do.

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